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So, you're a big fan of baccarat gambling, are you? You must be, if you're here, because this is the site in the "Bettors" series of online gambling information sites that's all about baccarat. Baccarat gambling has a very long history, having first been played in the 1400's in France. You may have heard of "Baccara". That's the original name of the game that came from Italy, and was altered slightly, and given the newer name with the addition of the t' on the end. You may have also heard of it referred to as "Chemin de Fer" or "Punto Banco". Both of these games are essentially the same as Baccarat, but they're just really the European names for the same game that we know and love. In the 1400's, baccarat gambling developed its reputation as a game for the very rich, because it was so commonly played by the French nobility. And now, 600 years later, there are baccarat gambling sites all over the internet. There aren't very many casino games that can boast such a long history, and this is one of them.

There was no baccarat gambling in North America until the early 1900's, when the game, under it's original Italian name) was introduced to casinos on this side of the Atlantic. It didn't take off right away though, because it's introduction coincided with that of another new casino card game, one that pushed it out of the spotlight, and took off like wild fire. That other new game was Blackjack. To this day, there is no comparison between the popularity of the two games. Blackjack is by far the more popular game, second only to Poker, but baccarat gambling is becoming much more popular every year. If you think about it, it's kind of like the tortoise and the hare; Blackjack and Baccarat started at the same time, and Blackjack took off right away. Baccarat's been biding its time, slowly building up a loyal following, and still focusing on the finish line. Look at it this way: there wasn't even a baccarat gambling table in Vegas until 1958! The Star Dust was the first casino to have a legalized game of Baccarat in the U.S.

Baccarat gambling has definitely come a long way since the 50's, with online baccarat sites all over the Internet, and online casinos offering baccarat for anyone who wants to play it. Personally, I love the game because it's so simple to learn, and can really be played at a fast pace, which makes it very exciting at times.

I hope you'll continue to read up on this great card game by checking out the rest of the pages on this site. There is a lot more to learn about baccarat gambling, and has it all, just waiting for you!

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